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Why is it the best?
Discreet watch Keruve watch
High degree of acceptance by the person with Alzheimer's.
It goes unnoticed
Patented design that simulates a wristwatch for security and comfort.
Several models
For men and women.
Direct control watch Portable receiver Locate button
Easy to use
Locates at the press of a button.
Direct control
You will be able to know their position, manage their security area, configure alarms, and conveniently monitor battery life and credit balance.
Portable Receiver
You can take it with you and see your updated position as you move towards to them.
Touch-Screen Receiver With an Easy and Intuitive Interface
Navigating the receiver is made to be easy and practical.
Safety lock Located at all times High autonomy Security area Locate in open field Water resistan
For their safety and the family's peace of mind.
Watch with safety lock
So you can be sure that they will always be wearing it.
Located at all times
SBAS-GPS, V-Indoor, V-Cellid and T-GSM, so you always know where they are.
High duration
Multi-lithium system patented by Keruve. The watch has a rechargeable battery life of 2.5 days, in normal use.
Security areas
Equipped to issue a warning if the person wearing the watch leaves their usual area.
Open field localization system
It is very useful specially when there are no streets. An arrow will show you the right way and takes you right where your familiar is.
Resistant watch
Water and shockproof, so they can securely wear the watch while pursuing their normal everydaylife.

Keruve Watch
  • Size and weight: 38 x 45 x 16 mm / 36g
  • Four positioning systems.
  • Communication with receiver: mobile phone network.
  • 4 positioning systems
  • Visual and sound alarm if it is out of security zone.
  • Adjustable watchstrap and security clasp.
  • Without buttons and totally waterproof and crash proof.
  • Different models for men and women with large numbers for clear reading.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with the included charger.
  • Battery life: 3.5 days
Click on watch image to rotate 360°
  • Size and weight: 144 x 82.5 x 19 mm / 141g
  • Big display with large street letters for easy reading.
  • Four positioning systems.
  • Communication with watch: mobile phone network.
  • Location system for places where no street references are available.
  • Handling even easier.
  • Security zone configurator.
  • Visual and sound alarm if watch is out of security zone.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with the included charger.
  • Battery life: 2 days
Why is keruve so fantastic?
petaca brazalete reloj keruve
Benchmarking keruve against other locators: Keruve GPS Bracelets GPS Cases
You can locate people Yes Yes Yes
For people with alzheimer disease Yes
Security areas Yes Yes Yes
Watch with safety clasp Yes Yes
Discreet. It goes unnoticed. Yes
You can control: his position, battery status and alerts. Yes
Four positioning systems Yes
Waterproof Yes
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