Vision Localization Systems is a technology company that focuses on the research, design and commercialisation of locators for people with a high risk of getting lost.

For this reason, in its first stage in 2004, it focused on the development of Keruve, the Direct Family Locator especially designed for people with Alzheimer's.

Our only goal is to make life easier for families living with a member affected by Alzheimer's disease. We have clients in more than twenty countries both individuals and corporate clients (Alzheimer Associations, elderly care nurseries, etc). Throughout the years, we have helped thousands of families improve their quality of life and, additionally, worked with the principal alzheimer's disease associations in many countries in order to evolutionize our product development.

Vision Localization Systems develops its own technology based on continuous research of its customers needs and the state of the art. The innovations that differentiate its products worldwide are protected with international patents which ensure our privileged position in the market. As technology advances, new possibilities are created that can provide newer and better solutions to everyday problems. Vision Localization Systems has detected the need and utiliy of localization technology for many years now and will continue to be at the head of innovation in this sector.

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