How can I return Keruve?
If you, the client, change your opinion, you can return your Keruve inside 15 days from the day you received it.
If you wish to return the order or some of the pertaining articles, please contact us. You need to provide us with the following information:
  • Invoice number
  • Complete address where we are receiving the articles from
  • Contact telephone number
When we receive your phone call, we will give you an authorization number for the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Indicate this number clearly in the packaging of the articles you are going to return in order to expedite the processing of your return. Clients that return articles within 15 days must pay an fee for collection and processing.
Consult section number 7 from Terms and Conditions ( in order to obtain more information regarding the articles that can be returned and the return charge if applicable.

Before returning any product to VISION Localization Systems, make sure you have:
  1. Received an RMA number from VISION Localization Systems (Issued upon request)
  2. Included in the packet are all the accessories, warranty documents and the rest of the materials unless indicated otherwise.
  3. Used all the packaging that was originally received.
  4. The RMA number is indicated clearly.
  5. Package is closed and sealed correctly. If the package is returned with dimensions superior to the original box in which the product was shipped in, it will be subject to additional charges for the carriage.
How soon will the refund be processed?
We will proceed with the return once the articles have arrived and processed into VISION Localization System\'s inventory. The transfer will take less than 20 days days to be cleared.

What happens if I receive a defected Keruve?
If you encounter a problem with your new Keruve Locator, please contact us immediately to report the event.
Remember that it is necessary to inform VISION Localization Systems that the product is defective before the refund period of 15 days expires.
Product returns coming from the USA may be subject US Custom Duty charges. These charges are seperate from VISION Localization Systems and its operations. Clients will not be reimbursed by VISION Localization Systems for charges pertaining to International Customs Duty.

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