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The locator Keruve 2010 for persons with Alzheimer's, will protect them better and more effective.

The locator Keruve 2010 maintains the main characteristics of its predecessor. Its consists of a GPS Watch with safety clasp that wears the person with Alzheimer's disease, and a Portable Receiver that own the family. A simple touch of a receiver's button and the caregiver will see on the screen a map showing the exact position of the person wearing the Keruve Watch. It has several positioning systems, and sends an alarm to the family if leaves the safety zone or low battery is detected.

The novelties of Keruve 2010 compaired to its predecessor (Keruve 2007) are the following:

More discret

Three gentleman models
Two lady models
Unisex model
With large numbers for clear reading

More reliable

Four positioning systems: GPS-SBAS (<2.5m), propietary indoor positioning system (10-40m), VisionCellid (precision 200-500m), T-GSM (approximate area 200-1.500m).
Multiple communication system: Multicoverage. Use the sum of all GSM networks available in each country, achieving the best coverage ever.
Instant Location: Locate in 7 seconds.
Location system for places where no street references are available.

More easy to use

Labeled buttons in the touch screen.
Handling even easier
Big display of 4.2", with large street letters for easy reading
Receiver with ergonomic design

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Request Keruve 2010 test

Are you a webmaster or blogger of technology or helthcare? Do you work in an association of Alzheimer's?
You can request a test Keruve 2010 to check its performance and utility.

Keruve 2010 is now available, order yours now:

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Please fill this information for pre-ordering. We will contact you by email and inf you finally confirm the order, in 5 days we will send you your Keruve 2010 with 30 days free trial test.

Information and Orders:

(USA): (917) 310 0973
(UK): 020 8638 0638
(Germany): 02732/8103971
(Intl): 0034 954 46 09 92

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